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CLASSIC (1989 ? 1992)
The trend is the primary design of STONE&STEEL.
Clean line and simple elements combined with natural color of material was constructed to be a type of furniture
called FUNCTIONALISM. The design was so simple but emphasized in the characteristic of material such as the
transparency of glass, the chrome look of stainless steel or texture of leather. Geometric curves and line was
created by following the process of machine production and was used as a basis of being international model.

BETWEEN FUNCTION (1993 ? 1995)
The design was developed from FUNCTIONALISM by trying to find the uniqueness of each piece of furniture.
Designers will design each product by express own ideas and imagination through their masterpieces.
The ideas can be easily observed by shapes of product. Cast aluminum process was used for creating many
organics form which can make a unique character and distinguish each pieces from the others.

It was a start of major change in design concept by changing from fundamental of design formulated of which
type of furniture was going to design. They were occurred by analyzing user?s behavior and developed the
product to respond that behavior. The form and styles were created by cause and effect of function,
construction and aesthetic. According to the distinctiveness of auxiliary furniture they were always used as the
additional furniture to have the good looking, lively, interesting atmosphere of home and office.
1989-2002 Collection